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It's alright

But it's way too hard to turn, the slight left/right arrow causes the thing to go in circles! Also, when driving, it starts to drift to go into a right or a left turn.

It's great, and it of course needs work. But I can barely drive the thing.


*ish a Metroid fanboy* Awesome game!!! i love it.. i got my butt kicked in the second room inside the building on medium.. but still O.O it's awesome... make more.. or other things Metroid related


Dude.. awesome game... i'm addicted!!! Great physics, the challenge level went up a tad slow, but can't be helped.

I was having fun easily shooting off the floating drones and, to my dismay, i discover that suddenly want to follow me Xx not to mention they explode when they hit you...

you should try adding actual other stick people in to shoot at (throw in more than just training)... although, if there are people, i apologize, i'm only so far in the game... Ooo... try throwing in scrollable stages (kinda like madness or that other game i can't remember right now that reminds me of madness)

i suggest either more starting ammo, or be able to pick it up from the drones (or people, if you decide to throw them in)

this game has great potential... i want to see more

io3creations responds:

Thanks for the review. As the title implies this is just the beginning of the story so it's mostly about getting familiar with controls and weapons hence you have to pass with the supplied ammo.

Future parts will be a bit different with the things you mentioned (e.g. other people, monsters, ...)

Great game

few problems with it though.l. problably easily fixed...

ducking is kinda useless, your enemy never stop firing (they have unlimited ammo cheats! get them!!!). I've noticed you can still shoot things when your in cover... but it might be a flash thingy...

other then that (i haven't played it all yet though...) it's a pretty good game, might go up there with front page or assasian

awesome game

but you know.. in most of those shooters... there's a thing known as bosses. i know the cruiser bascially functions as a mini-boss... but you should have the almighty boss of the level.

As for insane mode.. i've only managed to weaken the guy's sheild - -

any rate... awesome game... keep up the good work.


although it needs one or two tweaks

1. Life counter always resets to 5, and when you lose 5 lives, your dead... hard to know how many lives you have
2. Controls are too loose, it takes a second or 2 to get enough speed to move up or down
3. Sometimes the sheild doesn't stick with the plane

music is awesome, great game in the making.. do more!

Good Start

Note i only said start.. don't perceive this as a bad thing, this game has potential..

1. needs more enemies
2. Possibly more levels?
3. Upgrades/powerups
4. background
5. more BG music would be nice.

keep up the good work, this start could become a hit on newgrounds, if it's done right

Can't... Breathe *faints*

*deep breath* I couldn't stop laughing at some points, this movie has been highly hilarious ^^"

Nice random throwing in of 40k


The Hive Mind demands a Tyranid level in any future games...

not too bad of a game.... has potential...

SeedyKay responds:

There arent any nids in BB though, its set in warhammer fantasy's universe. Heh, 'nids in fantasy. how seriously screwed would they all be. AAAAARGH, THE HIVE IS HERE! Let's see your pointy sticks stop a carnifex, lol!


i can't beleive i thought this peice of crap would keep me interested! 'give up' PAH!! he had a shotgun!! the ducts were worse, giving you mere milliseconds to react. same with the battle and the damn missles! the missles move to fast, i try to click and blow it up, but NOTHING happens...

and i say... 'what the hell?'

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