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Do you really hate it that much?

the original Phoenix Wrong series was all supposed to be in the same style. Also, It's not much of a tribute if it isn't done in roughly the same style. One more thing, it takes a lot of work to lip-sync correctly.

But enough of that... onto this movie. I'd have to say you could have done a little better than just looping 'objection' and that song over and over again. And you yourself just added a gif and threw this together in what? an hour? less than that? A better way to 'object' would be just to write a review about it. Yes, they a little overdone, but that doesn't mean they ALL suck. It's not like EVERYONE is tired of it. Sure, you may not appreciate 'random' humor, but the sprites are pretty limited, and it's usually pretty hard to get a good microphone that cuts out all the static.

The idea of the tributes are to continue entertaining the fanw hen they are tired of the original peice, and they are looking for more of the same.

There's a part 2!?

Aww, I was just getting into this :P It's so absorbing, despite the spelling errors. Makes me wonder what the game is like. Shame I don't have a DS. Again, I like the way the plot is going, despite the bothersome break in the movie Sprites were animated allright. The sound was a little tinny though, as if it was too heavily compressed (although, if this was done out of neccesity, I see no problem)


Man, I laughed so hard I shed a tear XD Really funny though, I myself have yet to see anything parody Starfox 64. Voiceovers were great, art was okay (looks like you made it in flash, not that it's a problem), need to browse the starfox music at ocremix...

Either way, pretty good flash

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It's alright

But it's way too hard to turn, the slight left/right arrow causes the thing to go in circles! Also, when driving, it starts to drift to go into a right or a left turn.

It's great, and it of course needs work. But I can barely drive the thing.


*ish a Metroid fanboy* Awesome game!!! i love it.. i got my butt kicked in the second room inside the building on medium.. but still O.O it's awesome... make more.. or other things Metroid related


Dude.. awesome game... i'm addicted!!! Great physics, the challenge level went up a tad slow, but can't be helped.

I was having fun easily shooting off the floating drones and, to my dismay, i discover that suddenly want to follow me Xx not to mention they explode when they hit you...

you should try adding actual other stick people in to shoot at (throw in more than just training)... although, if there are people, i apologize, i'm only so far in the game... Ooo... try throwing in scrollable stages (kinda like madness or that other game i can't remember right now that reminds me of madness)

i suggest either more starting ammo, or be able to pick it up from the drones (or people, if you decide to throw them in)

this game has great potential... i want to see more

io3creations responds:

Thanks for the review. As the title implies this is just the beginning of the story so it's mostly about getting familiar with controls and weapons hence you have to pass with the supplied ammo.

Future parts will be a bit different with the things you mentioned (e.g. other people, monsters, ...)

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